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Latest projects

Concrete bar top
Concrete bar top
This spectacular acid stained concrete top was custom made for a previous customer. Acid stained to go with the look of the stylishly stained concrete floor.
Top & bottom
In this photo you can see both the counter top and the floor that we created.
Top & bottom
Acid stained concrete floor
Acid stained concrete floor
This floor was patched, cleaned and acid stained by Dapper Surfaces

Some of the services we offer

1.  Acid staining:
         A chemical stain used to react with concrete physically changing the color in the process.  Often times resulting in a marbled or mottled effect of various shades of the stain color.  Stained concrete is low maintenance and extremely durable.  Growing in popularity as a flooring solution for homes, restaurants, retail stores, night clubs and man-caves everywhere.

 2.  Other stains:
Can be used just as successfully in various applications depending on the effect desired.
  • Water based dyes
  • Acrylic based stains
  • Solvent and oil based stains 
  • Tinted sealers

  3.  Concrete counter tops: 
     Cast in our shop custom for every job, the process takes 4-8 weeks from start to finish.  The only limit to design and customization is ones imagination.  Any color, shape, texture, finish can be achieved.  Colored glass can be added to the mix so when polished it is exposed.  Staining techniques can mimic traditional, modern or totally off the wall styles.  I encourage anyone interested in concrete counter tops or anything concrete to check out the vast collection of knowledge on display at www.concretenetwork.com 

 4.  Concrete resurfacing/ Decorative micro-toppings:   
       This covers a wide range of applications from resurfacing to look like regular new gray concrete to a intricate design patterned with various colors and textures to mimic natural stone to polished concrete.  A popular technique is to apply one base coat, such as a dark gray.  After it has dried a special tape is used to lay out a pattern, design or logo.  A second coat is then applied, once dry the tape is pulled back to reveal the darker "grout lines".  Anything from natural stone, to a custom tile pattern can be easily achieved.

  5.  Industrial & designer epoxies:  
      We can find the right coating for your project, we have a variety of standard color & flake system epoxies for residential and industrial applications as well as metallic illusion designer epoxies which are more elegant and stylish.