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 Grind & Seal concrete floor

Grind & Seal Classic

Excellent fit for homes and businesses alike.  We grind the surface to remove any glue or contaminants and smooth rough surfaces before applying our Ultra Durable Urethane Sealer for a long lasting soft handed feel.

Sheen available: Gloss, Satin & Matte

Grind & Seal HD

Grind & Seal HD

The same process as the Grind & Seal Classic but with an upgraded armor top coat to withstand extreme environments, chemical exposure and can be heavily loaded with aluminum oxide for subtle to extreme slip resistance.

Sheen available: Gloss & Semi Gloss

Grind & Stain Concrete floor

Grind & Stain

The Grind & Seal Classic or HD but also includes staining.   Every stained floor is unique and custom colored.

Sheen available: Gloss, Satin & Matte

Colors available: Unlimited colors & patterns.

 Grind & Seal  concrete floor options look very similar to polished concrete floors.  The difference is how they achieve the finished look.  Polished concrete floors achieve their glossy finish by means of mechanical refinement of the surface until the concrete itself becomes glossy.  This process is labor intensive and less forgiving.  The Grind & Seal finishes start the same way as polished concrete with a few coarse grinding steps.  Then they are ready for color if desired and the final sealer application.  The glossy finish is achieved by means of a durable, chemical resistant urethane sealer.  

Why Grind & Seal?

In situations when adhesives from previous flooring or excessive paint is present or if the texture of the concrete isn't smooth enough.  Depending on the needs and desired look, very light or  intensive heavy grinding may be needed. 


Advantages over polished concrete: 

  • Increased chemical resistance  

  • Reduced labor cost

  • Increased stain resistance

  • Slip resistant grit can be added to sealer

  • Better in areas likely to get wet.

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