GRIND & SEAL Concrete Floor Finish

 Grind & Seal or Grind & Stain concrete floor options look very similar to polished concrete floors.  The difference is how they achieve the finished look.  Polished concrete floors achieve their glossy finish by means of mechanical refinement of the surface until the concrete itself becomes glossy.  This process is labor intensive and less forgiving.  The Grind & Seal finishes start the same way as polished concrete with a few coarse grinding steps.  Then they are ready for color if desired and the final sealer application.  The glossy finish is achieved by means of a durable, chemical resistant urethane sealer.  


Advantages over polished concrete: 

  • Increased chemical resistance  

  • Reduced labor cost

  • Increased stain resistance

  • Slip resistant grit can be added to sealer