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We are able to provide rough estimates in a quick and easy way with information you provide us in this form.  Pictures are extremely helpful in providing accurate estimates.  Your information will only be used to respond to your inquiry and never used for any kind of mailing list, newsletters or advertising of any kind.  This form is not intended for use by any parties intending to solicit goods or services to us, such as  SEO, SEM, web development, or any other advertising services.

Information to include: Condition, age, stains, cracks, repairs needed, flooring or paint removal needed.  Walkout basement, full, split level basement? Any other relevant info you can think of.

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Quick estimates are not exact, non binding and based solely on the information provided.  The more detailed information you provide the more accurate it will be.  Please allow 24-48 hours for estimate.

Our showroom is by appointment only with flexible appointment times available 7 days and nights a week.

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